Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN) , is a highly progressive Cree First Nation, that serves as a model for excellence in autonomous education, comprehensive community health care, housing, social development, multifaceted recreational opportunities, proactive child and family support services, and extensive economic development.

OCN’s on-reserve population is 3,968 and has a complete membership of 5,364 (with many off-reserve members residing in the neighboring Town of The Pas, and working and/or attending classes on OCN.) The total number of students attending our schools and off-campus programs is 1,075. This number continues to grow.

As proof of OCN’s dedication to quality education, despite funding limitations, tremendous success has been experienced with matriculation rates. In the last five years 185 students have earned accredited high school diplomas, and at the post-secondary level, 130 students have received under graduate and post graduate degrees, diplomas, and technical certifications.

In 2009, OCN was selected by the Canada Economic Action Plan to begin construction of a new high school. With construction completed, on April 28, 2011, the Oscar Lathlin Collegiate opened its doors. Oscar Lathlin Collegiate is providing a much-needed, enhanced learning environment with the capacity to realize many of the community’s long-term educational goals.