oeadirectorTansi, good day to all of you! This past year the Board of Directors approved a 5 year Education Strategic Plan.The strategic planning process was very much community driven. We carried out a number of community consultation sessions as well as included questions in a community wide language survey to obtain feedback for community members.

The community’s key values for their children’s education became very evident and they are as follows:  Cree Language, Culture, and Traditions. Safe environment Academic readiness/independent learners. Holistic approach/fostering respect. Building Confidence; Empowerment and Pride; Technologically prepared; and Community engagement. These priority areas have been adopted by the Board. They are now our Priority areas.

We have incorporated the 5 year Education Strategic Plan into our yearly planning process through a yearly action plan with participation all program areas. Together with the Elders, achieve these identified priority areas.  We continue to strengthen our Cree Language Immersion Program at the elementary level. Through proposal writing, we have been able to enhance the program with Cree cultural camps, language nest concept at the day care level, and continuous Elder involvement in the classroom.

We have been working hard at enhancing our high school land based program as well. We have just completed the construction of one permanent learning camp, officially called OEA Saskram Cultural Camp. This gives us the ability to carry out more overnight camps and We are working on another permanent learning camp to be situated at a different location.